Comskip 0.79 build 36: Added DVRCut output format

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Comskip 0.79 build 36: Added DVRCut output format

Post by erik » Sun Apr 23, 2006 7:26 pm

From the changelog

Changes in 0.79.36
- Added ini parameter, setting output_dvrcut=1 will enable the generation of the bat file that can run the commandline dvr-ms cutter to generate a clean dvr-ms file. You need for this. can be found on my server.
Changes in 0.79.35
- Bug solved: Commercial frame numbers found on dvr-ms files with logo where completely wrong.
- Bug solved: There is a difference in results when processing an mpeg or the corresponding .csv
Changes in 0.79.34
- Added the proposed cutlistformat for TVersity, enable with output_edlx=1. Warning: This output only is available correctly when scanning the video file, not when editing the cutpoints or processing the .csv file.
- Added ini parameter sage_framenumber_bug=1 to halve the .txt file frame numbers when 720p/60fps content is detected.
- Changed logic when enabling both SILENCE and other detection methods to become more robust against input variations over broadcasting styles.
- Warning: Some changes did have the risk of slightly less quality in detection. Notify me when you detect this.

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