Comskip 0.78 build 2 posted

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Comskip 0.78 build 2 posted

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After beta testing the new versions seems OK. Download from

Take notice of the last statement in the change list. You may have to do some retuning, but you also can experience some nice improvements.

Changes in 0.78.02
- Solved a bug where setting a new 'b'eginning of a commercial the written cutpoint was 10 frames earlier
- Solved a bug where after editing the cutpoints all output formats that where in time instead of frames could be wrong.
- Change the format of the TXT file to include the framerate to solve the bug above.
- Solved a bug where the output files where cleared if no 'w' was used when reviewing the .txt file.
Changes in 0.78.01
- Writing a new cutlist writes all selected output files instead of only the txt file
- Substantial changes to heuristics.[/url]

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