Comskip 0.73 posted

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Comskip 0.73 posted

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I have made version 0.73 of Comkip, it can be downloaded from here
or from where all my gbpvr stuff can be found.

This version adds the processing of sound. Blackframes are only detected when there is also silence.
As a result you will need much less tuning.
If you are not an expert I recomment to use verbose=5 as maximum.
A long outstanding bug that caused comskip to sometimes crash has been solved.
The blackframe detection performance has been restored to the quality of release 0.69. without the need to do much tuning.

Disclaimer 1:
Only use this upgrade when you have logo's on shows and a lot of errors with the previous version.

Disclaimer 2:
Some mpeg editors mess up the PTS/DTS sequence, some digital broadcast streams create "strange" mpeg stream. The mpeg decoder used in comskip is not very robust and the picture/sound synchronisation is also not very robust
If no black frames are detected (look in the log) you may have picture/sound missynchronisation.

I wished this all was simpler, Jere must have a lot of time to make SA, or should I send my wife on a 2 month holiday? :o

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