Build 87: Many improvements

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Build 87: Many improvements

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It has been some time since I announced a new build
Many improvements did happen.

From the changelog.

Changes in 0.79.87
- Added global heuristics to correct small errors at start of show segment.
- Added ini parameter min_commercialbreak_at_start_or_end=39, any commercials shorter than that size in seconds at start of end of recording will not be remove.
- Large retest of many small parts resulting in improved commercial recognition.
Changes in 0.79.86
- Added ini parameter videoredo_offset=3 where 3 is the default, will cause all videoredo output to be advanced with 3 frames.
Changes in 0.79.85
- Bug solved: Also MPEG PS files did have inconsistent frame numbers before and after logo discovery
Changes in 0.79.84
- A completely new aspect ratio detection algorith that also is able to detect letterboxed 4/3 inside 16/9 ATSC. Some parts are experimentel so Comskip may crash.
Changes in 0.79.83
- Created a workaround for previewing recordings with corrupted timelines. Positioning accuracy is not perfect, could be up to 50 frames off.
Changes in 0.79.82
- Bug solved: Comskip crashes when cutscene files are defined in the ini file.
Changes in 0.79.81
- Cutpoints caused by cutsceneframes no longer need silence to be accepted as cutpoints
Changes in 0.79.80
- Changed the processing of silence cutpoints to accomodate for a broader set of broadcasting variants
- Bug solved: It is not possible to disable global heuristic 6
Changes in 0.79.79
- Add the disable_heuristics as a binary mask setting for selective disabling of heuristics, Add the selected rules, Rule 1 -> 1, Rule 2 -> 2, Rule 3 -> 4, Rule 4 -> 8, etc...
- It is no longer possible to disable all global heuristics by disabling the FUZZY_LOGIC in the detect_methods , use disable_heuristics instead. set disable_heuristic=511 to disable all current heuristics
Changes in 0.79.78
- Bug solved: Sometimes when autoselecting the video PID, no audio is found
- Bug solved: Some recordings with logo did have up to 15 frames too much at the start causing all cutpoints to be upto 15 frames too late.
Changes in 0.79.77
- Changed some of the heuristics to accomodate for long show blocks without logo
- Changed the names of the generated .bat files to include a postfix marking the used cutter so you can generate multiple .bat files. WARNING: Incompatible with previous version
- Added option: Set non_uniformity=0 to disable checking for uniform frames
- Added cutpoint option: cut_on_ar_change=2 forcing AR change cuts even when no logo has been found. Use with care!!!!
Changes in 0.79.76
- Bug solved: Since build 73 the results of processing the mpeg and the corresponding csv give inconsistent results.
Changes in 0.79.75
- Bug solved: Sometimes audio and video run out of sync during processing.
Changes in 0.79.74
- Bug fixed: Inconsistent frame numbers between normal processing and previewing on certain files.
Changes in 0.79.73
- Added a separate executable for using the DebugWindow ComskipGUI.exe, no longer needed to edit the shortcut for activating the debugwindow, simply drag and drop onto ComskipGUI.exe
- New cutpoint detection method: CutScenes, method number 128
First record one or more frames to be used as cutscene by running ComskipGUI on the MPEG, move to the frame you want to use as cutscene and hit 'C'. Select where you want the frame to be saved.
Then use up to 8 cutsceneframes in your ini file
Set the cutscene threshold higher if you have low quality video.
Using more cutscenes will slowdown Comskip, when cutscenes are enabled the Debugwindow will show in the pink line cutscene information instead of scene change information
Changes in 0.79.72
- Again many small improvements in timeline repairing. Hope this is fixing most of the problems.
- Bug solved: Comskip crashes on certain recordings.
- Preview in the Debugwindow should work again except on some very bad timelines
Changes in 0.79.71
- Preview in the Debugwindow is broken!!!!!!
- An extensive check has been performed on the timeline repairing and many small improvements where made. This should improve consistency between Comskip output and Videoredo consistency. Set max_repair_size=200 to enable or max_repair_size=0 to disable
- Added a noise filter in the mpeg decoder
- There is a higher chance of bugs in this release due to the larger amount of changes. Please test before using in a production environment.
- Bug solved: When a .csv file contains scene_change cuts they are not discarded when the detect_method does not use scene_change
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