Comskip 0.79 build 10 posted on user request

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Comskip 0.79 build 10 posted on user request

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I have had some requests for changes. They have been implemented including some other small improvements. It can be downloaded from the link below or here

Changes in 0.79.10
- Remember to us a 4 times higher non_uniformity setting when recording HD!
- Both the edl file and the txt file have as last entry a one frame size commercial at the end of the recording
- Now you can set the cuttermaran command options in cuttermaran_options in the ini file
- The ini file is first searched for in the directory where the mpg file resides so you can automatically have multiple ini files.
- The current block is highlighted in the timeline in the debugwindow
- The csvout command ine switch is working again

Happy skipping!

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