Buid 123: added aspect ratio information

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Buid 123: added aspect ratio information

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Added aspect ratio output

Changes in 0.79.123
- Adding output_aspect=1 to you ini file will instruct comskip to generate a .aspects file. This file lists the input resolution and aspect ratio changes. This information can be used for more efficient transcoding or automatic aspect ratio switching during playback.
Changes in 0.79.122
- Comskip can now skip frames to speed up processing, should work on HD streams. Set skip_b_frames=1 in your comskip.ini, only available for donators

Example of output

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0:00:00.03 1920x1088 2.60 minX=   1, minY= 178, maxX=1920, maxY= 918
0:00:00.96 1280x 720 1.36 minX= 154, minY=   1, maxX=1126, maxY= 720

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