Build 0.80.006 Robust h.264 decoding

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Build 0.80.006 Robust h.264 decoding

Post by erik » Sun Nov 16, 2008 9:05 pm

Did some robustness improvements.

See the changelog

Changes in 0.80.006
- Implemented a major robustness improvement in libavcodec.dll. YOu MUST use the libavcodec.dll included in this distribution Zip file.
Changes in 0.80.005
- Dumping a cutscene with the 'C' key is working again, was broken since build 0.79.140
- Improved the demuxing of TS recordings with corrupt PMT info
Changes in 0.80.004
- Changed the video detection for TS files to enable processing of clear QAM recordings.
- Changed the default detect_method to 43 as the CC decoding sometimes causes Comskip to crash
Changes in 0.80.003
- Increased the robustness of the h.264 decoder
- Increased the robustness of the CC extractor
- Removed the "_1" filename postfix for CC output files.
Changes in 0.80.002
- Removed the embedded manifest as for some reason there is a crash on certain systems

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