Comskip 0.79 build 26: Three new detection methods

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Comskip 0.79 build 26: Three new detection methods

Post by erik » Thu Feb 23, 2006 3:26 pm

Comskip build 26 is available

From the changelog

Changes in 0.79.26
- Added scoring modifiers based on comparing this block to the average value of Brightness, Non-Uniformity, Volume, Non Silence and Scene change rate.
- Added parameters to controll this scoring: punish, punish_threshold and punish_modifier, see ini file for details.
- Added graphs in Debugwindow to show where parameters are above threshold for scoring, indicated by red lines.
- Warning: Do not blindly enable these because you assume commercials are louder, brighter, etc... Do check your assumptions. I have not yet found a foolproof approach to have them always enabled.
- No longer required to have Black Frame detection enabled. Certain recordings work better without them
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