Issue with Tuning Australian Channel 10.

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Issue with Tuning Australian Channel 10.

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I am having an issue with just channel 10 in australia, all the other channels are recording fine, however what i am finding is channel 10 doesnt show the logo during a show until around 20 secs in at the beginning only. So comskip cuts out the first 20secs of the show. All the other Ad detection works beautifully its just the very beginning of a show it detects as an ad as there is no logo, is there an option to fix this? i cant use padding as that seems to ADJUST all ads, ie it then works fine at the beginning, then the ad detections through the rest of the show is out 20secs.
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Re: Issue with Tuning Australian Channel 10.

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there is a setting to disable the punishing of no logo, did you try.
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