comskip problems with iptv

To discuss the tuning of comskip and for posting your ini files
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comskip problems with iptv

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I recently switched from satellite from Bell in Canada to Bell Fibe TV, which is TV over ip. comskip had been working great with the satellite but really is off with iptv. The frames before and after commercials are slightly different. Only one blank frame after and it varies before and they can be faded. Does anyone have any idea what to change in the comskip.ini file to improve the detection? I am using comskip80_039_donators on a 2.66GHz Mac Mini running ETVComskip-2.0.2 ( so comskip runs in Wine). It does mark the shows but the accuracy has gone from 95% (at least) to 10% (at most).

This is essentially the same TV as Verizon Fios.

Thank you ... philip
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Re: comskip problems with iptv

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Follow the "how to ask for help" topic in the support forum and I will have a look how to improve.
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