Never skips any commercials

To discuss the tuning of comskip and for posting your ini files
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Never skips any commercials

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I have tried between 7 and 10 ini files. No matter what I do exactly zero commercials or time has been skipped. I have tried it on 30 minute shows, one hour shows, 2 or 3 hour sports. It is running through the free version of MCEBuddy if that helps. I also can't find the log file anyway. I checked inside the comskip folder of mcebuddy but there is no log file there. I am just at my whits end. I would love to get the donate version of both of these programs I just want to make sure they work first.

Does anyone have any suggestions.

P.S.-- I should add I am using IPTV through EpicStream if that matters and I am in the USA.
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Re: Never skips any commercials

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did you check if comskip generates the required output?
Make sure there is a comskip.ini in the same folder as comskipGUI.exe. Drag and drop a recording on comskipGUI.exe
Some windows will open and you will see comskip doing its magic.
Check if there is some output in the same folder as where the recording is stored with the same basename as the recording but some different extension
If still nothing, set
in your comskip.ini and try again.
There should be a .log file next to the recording.
If not the recording directory may be read only of comskip fails to find its comskip.ini file for some reason.
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