added_recording question

To discuss the tuning of comskip and for posting your ini files
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added_recording question

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Is "added_recording=" really minutes as indicated in the note of the ini file? Everything else time wise seems to be seconds.

;(0-MAXINT);Amount of minutes that a recording is longer then the actual show + closing commercial if any)
;;This value is used to determine the maximum amount to remove in the below delete_show_... settings

;Any part of the show that comes after the last commercial is deleted when that part is shorter then added_recording (1) or the amount of seconds set (2 or more).
;To be used when more then the actual show is recorded and part of the next show separated from the actual show with a commercial break is to be removed. Make sure there is ALWAYS a closing commercial recorded and recognized


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Re: added_recording question

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It is in minutes
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