Explain all graphs in debug view

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Explain all graphs in debug view

Post by kihovuti »

What are all these lines and graphs in debug view? I have numbered all of them. Please correct if I labeled a line incorrectly.


Why line a, b, c and d are broken in two pieces in middle?

I couldn't find it in posts and the documentation. I am making this new post to help other users as well. If it is already explained like this somewhere, please delete this post.
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Re: Explain all graphs in debug view

Post by erik »

First try the 'G' key.
Hit once all lines will disappear
Hit a second time all the based data lines will appear
Hit a third time the 'per segment averages' (a,b,c,d) will be added to the base data lines.
green/red indicate within the punish/reward tolerance. White means no impact

The base data lines:
8,9 and 10,11 are the vertical/horizontal aspect video size lines
7 is the calculated aspect ratio
I forgot 5 and 6. 6 is probably logo match and 5 the filtered logo match (if logo_filter > 0)
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