No uniform (non-black) frames

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No uniform (non-black) frames

Post by quake74 »

Running comskip on CSI it picked up some white flashes (used for flashback and other stuff) as appropriate points for cuts and inserted commercials. Can I tell comskip to not consider these uniform frames as possible cutpoints? I tried changing

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validate_uniform=1			; Default, set to 0 to force using this clues (like pure white frames) if blackframe is selected above.
to =0 but it didn't affect its behaviour. (I am using the standard comskip.ini file, except that i use detect_method=41.) Thx to all.
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Post by erik »

Setting validate to 0 only makes it worse.

The white flashes are triggering the uniform detection.
Try setting non_uniformity to a lower value so this does not trigger

If the show has logo enabling logo detection (detection method 43) should make a BIG difference, if this is not possible you get to some others

Try enabling all detection methods (111) to see if this minor error gets ignored
Try the min/max break or show settings to see if the specific case can be filtered out
Try to live with it :oops:

Otherwise use the "how to ask for help" posting and I will have a look.
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