Delete before and after main show

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Delete before and after main show

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Good morning from the UK, I've recently come back to Comskip after first trying it out years ago. I didn't have much luck with it back then but Comskip has clearly vastly improved since I was last here, and my PC is much faster too which definitely helps. I can't believe I've been manually skipping ads all these years! Thanks for all of your work on this project.

I've been tinkering with the INI settings but the issue which seems to persist is that small segments of the shows before and after the main show keep being included, such as this show from Channel 4HD:

Code: Select all

1	75
325	690
1866	5838
25274	31553
48575	54720
71277	77375
91631	96065
96816	98898
I have tried to get Comskip to consider these small pre- and post- segments as no part of the main show but so far I can't find a setting which eliminates these. I usually use 3 minutes pre- and post- padding on my recordings so anything that will help to trim those excess bits would be appreciated.
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