Comskip frame number does not equal VideoReDo frame number

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Comskip frame number does not equal VideoReDo frame number

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I've been attempting to finetune comskip for use on my Beyond TV HDTV/ATSC .tp files, and have noticed an inconsistency between the frame numbers identified by comskip and those of VideoReDo (VRD). This become obvious when using comskip to write .VPrj VRD project files; if I open them in VRD, and compare them with the .csv spreadsheet, the frame numbers of identifiable points in the programme (e.g. commerical breaks, bright flashes, loud noises, etc.) don't match by several frames (of the order of 10 or so - I've seen up to 20 or so, so far).

This offset is inconsistent between recordings, but seems to be consistent within one recording; at least, I haven't found any clear changes in the offset. I have tried Quickstream Fix before running comskip, and there was still an offset, but it seemed to be different. I suspect it must be an issue with defining frame 1. Unfortunately this means that I can't use comskip + VRD to cut-out adverts automatically if I want perfect results, due to annoying fraction-of-second cut errors. The results are fine for advert skipping in Beyond TV using the chapters.xml output though.

Any idea what the problem might be?


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There are small differences in how to define the first frame number when the initial part of the recording contains some errors.
I have not yet found a way to solve this.
Different tools use different methods.

Also when there are errors during the recording different tools use different methods.
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