Keep end of show, and tweak start point of commercials?

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Keep end of show, and tweak start point of commercials?

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Two questions...

1. Is there a way to tell Comskip to keep the last part of a show, even if the end is detected as a commercial? For many shows I miss the previews of next weeks episodes. Maybe an "ignore final X seconds" or something.

2. Is there a way to tell Comskip to KEEP the first couple of seconds of the commercial? Sometimes the shows get cut off abrubtly when it encounters a commercial. I'd rather see a second or two of the commercial at the start and end, than have the show cut off. It's detecting the commercial OK, just cutting part of the show with it.


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Post by erik »

There is no guaranteed way to do this as many broadcasts are not always transmitting at guaranteed timeslots
You can use
where xx is the minimum number of seconds for commercial at start of end to be recognized as a commercial.
To ensure you see the preview of next weeks episode you may need to record some minutes after the official end of the preview.

From the manual:
Reducing the commercial size

In certain circumstances the commercials should be smaller as detected by Comskip. This can be done by using the following line in the ini file


This will set the start of the detected commercial 6 seconds later and sets the end of the commercial 6 seconds earlier. The debugwindow will show this by marking the first and last 6 seconds of the commercial as lighter gray.
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