Tuning Closed Caption Detection Method...

To discuss the tuning of comskip and for posting your ini files
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Tuning Closed Caption Detection Method...

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When using the closed caption detection method is there a setting to turn off or change the punish multiplier for segments where no closed captions are detected? Comskip doesn't seem to detect closed captions in the first few segments of some shows (perhaps there isn't enough?) even though the transcript shows captioning during that time frame. Because of this, these opening show segments are then scored as commercials. I'd rather not turn the detection method off completely because it helps in ferreting out some of the harder to detect commercial segments. Thanks...
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Re: Tuning Closed Caption Detection Method...

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There are three modifiers that influence the scoring on CC detection


I guess you have to set

See the first part of the log file where the actual values are listed
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