General tuning tools and tips?

To discuss the tuning of comskip and for posting your ini files
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General tuning tools and tips?

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Happily, I have Comskip up and running. Somewhat less happily, it seems to be less than 100% accurate, with both false positives and false negatives in the test programs I ran it on. I've poked around the log files, and the amount of information is simply overwhelming. Where can I find summary information about each show segment -- in other words, where do I look to learn why Comskip decided to mark a particular segment of a program as a commercial, or not? This, I think, is the key to proper tuning. Or is it? Am I approaching this incorrectly? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
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Re: General tuning tools and tips?

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Start looking at the end of the log file where you see the list of blocks with the score of each block.
Above the list you will find the long list where the score of each block is modified for each particular scoring reason.
That should be a good place to understand the scoring process.
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