Comskip Batches

To discuss the tuning of comskip and for posting your ini files
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Comskip Batches

Post by Joker45 »

If someone is searching for good working Batches, here are my Files:

In this Batch you can use comskip by drag & drop the MPG File to it:

@echo off
"c:\comskip\comskip.exe" "%~dpn1.mpg"
REM pause

With this File I clean the MPG-Stream using videoredo. Then Comskip is working:

set priority=low

set delOriginal=yes

rem "set delOriginal above to yes or no.... yes will delete original mpg and replace with fixed file."
rem "if set to no will Quickfix file to tmpEncode directory but will not delete original...."
rem "also if set to no will create a file with .QFixed so that dirmon will not re-encode it"

set extension=mpg
rem ........Do Not Touch Below................................................
md %~d1%~p1tmpEncode
del "%~d1%~p1tmpEncode\%~n1.%extension%"
START /B /W /MIN /%priority% cscript.exe //nologo "C:\Programme\VideoReDoPlus\vp.vbs" "%~f1" "%~d1%~p1tmpEncode\%~n1.%extension%" /t1 /q
if /I "%delOriginal%" EQU "yes" if exist "%~d1%~p1tmpEncode\%~n1.%extension%" del "%~d1%~p1%~n1%.%extension%"
if /I "%delOriginal%" NEQ "yes" dir %~f1>>"%~d1%~p1%~n1%.QFixed"
if /I "%delOriginal%" EQU "yes" move "%~d1%~p1tmpEncode\%~n1.%extension%" "%~d1%~p1"
dir %~f1>>"%~d1%~p1%~n1%.QFixed"
REM ********************************************************

"c:\comskip\comskip.exe" "%~dpn1.mpg"

del "%~dpn1*.logo.txt"
del "%~dpn1*.log"
del "%~dpn1*.QFixed"
del "%~dpn1*.edl"
del "%~dpn1*.VPrj"

REM pause


With this File I run comskip an create a new clean Mpg using Videoredo:

@echo off

if EXIST "%~dpn1.VPrj" goto cutting

echo no VPrj file exists yet, let's run comskip
"c:\comskip\comskip.exe" "%~dpn1.mpg"

echo Comskip succeeded, will now start videoredo
cscript //nologo "C:\Programme\VideoReDoPlus\vp.vbs" "%~dpn1.VPrj" "%~dpn1_clean.mpg" /t4 /d /e

Rem RENAME the old .mpg file and rename the new one to the old name
:if EXIST "%~dpn1_clean.mpg" move "%~dpn1.mpg" "%~dpn1_original.mpg"
:if EXIST "%~dpn1_clean.mpg" move "%~dpn1_clean.mpg" "%~dpn1.mpg":success

goto eof


I Hope this is a help for other Newbies.


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Re: Comskip Batches

Post by dbkc397 »

These batches look great. But I am a newbie to comskip. I guess Its not to clear to me how these are supposed to be implemented. Do they all get strung together and then put into the batch file? Do they run separate? Any help would be appreciated.
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