runs forever, "panic volume buffer" in log

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runs forever, "panic volume buffer" in log

Post by JeffDwork »

version is donator Comskip 0.81.061

Noticed comskip still running after 22 hours, killed process.
Ran gui version. It worked for about 5 - 10 minutes, then started endless stream of
"Panic volume buffer"
lines in log file.

Log is 160 KB, video is 4.3 GB. Please tell me if you want them uploaded.

The beginning of the video is very badly broken up (bad cable signal), but gui processing went beyond that before it failed.

I ran the video through VideoReDo quick frame fix and comskip was able to process it correctly. Most of the very badly damaged start of the video had been removed.

Perhaps comskip should give up after some number of panics?

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Re: runs forever, "panic volume buffer" in log

Post by erik »

Good suggestion
For the todo list.
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