Strange audio problem with v81_072 causing detection failure

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Strange audio problem with v81_072 causing detection failure

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I have been testing version 81_072 lately on *.wtv files before I make it production. I'm seeing malfunctions in the audio line which causes a detection failure for commercials. Wondering if anybody else is encountering?

Notice the green line which to my understanding is audio.
This was with v81_072

Notice the green line on v81_071, just fine.

Same with additional 2 video files.




My config.ini:

Code: Select all

; See comskip.txt in the distribution zip file for many settable parameters, read manual.html, tuning.html and debugwindow.html for how to tune and debug comskip
detect_method=107						; 1=black frame, 2=logo, 4=scene change, 8=fuzzy logic, 16=closed captions, 32=aspect ration, 64=silence, 128=cutscenes, 255=all
validate_silence=1						; Default, set to 0 to force using this clues if selected above.
validate_uniform=1						; Default, set to 0 to force using this clues (like pure white frames) if blackframe is selected above.
validate_scenechange=1					; Default, set to 0 to force using this clues if selected above.
verbose=10								; *************** 10 in test mode **************** default show a lot of extra info, level 5 is also OK, set to 0 to disable
max_brightness=60      					; frame not black if any pixels checked are greater than this (scale 0 to 255)
test_brightness=40      				; frame not pure black if any pixels checked are greater than this, will check average brightness (scale 0 to 255)
max_avg_brightness=25					; *************** 20 in test mode 25 normal**************** maximum average brightness for a dim frame to be considered black (scale 0 to 255) 0 means autosetting
intelligent_brightness=0 				; Set to 1 to use a USA specific algorithm to tune some of the settings, not adviced outside the USA
non_uniformity=500						; *************** 1000 in test mode 500 normal****************Set to 0 to disable cutpoints based on uniform frames
max_volume=500							; *************** 1000 in test mode 500 normal****************any frame with sound volume larger than this will not be regarded as black frame
min_silence=12							; Any deep silence longer than this amount  of frames is a possible cutpoint
max_commercialbreak=600 				; maximum length in seconds to consider a segment a commercial break
min_commercialbreak=20					; minimum length in seconds to consider a segment a commercial break
max_commercial_size=125					; maximum time in seconds for a single commercial or multiple commercials if no breaks in between
min_commercial_size=4   				; mimimum time in seconds for a single commercial
min_show_segment_length=250 			; any segment longer than this will be scored towards show.
ticker_tape=0							; Amount of pixels from bottom to ignore in all processing 
logo_at_bottom=0						; Set to 1 to search only for logo at the lower half of the video, do not combine with subtitle setting
punish=0								; Compare to average for sum of 1=brightness, 2=uniform 4=volume, 8=silence, 16=schange, set to 0 to disable
punish_threshold=1.3					; Multiply when amount is above average * punish_threshold
punish_modifier=2						; When above average * threshold multiply score by this value
logo_percentile=0.92					; if more then this amount of logo is found then logo detection will be disabled
punish_no_logo=0						; Default, set to 0 to avoid show segments without logo to be scored towards commercial
connect_blocks_with_logo=1				; set to 1 if you want successive blocks with logo on the transition to be regarded as connected, set to 0 to disable
logo_filter=0               			; set the size of the filter to apply to bad logo detection, 4 seems to be a good value.
cut_on_ar_change=0						; set to 1 if you want to cut also on aspect ratio changes when logo is present, set to 2 to force cuts on aspect ratio changes. set to 0 to disable
delete_logo_file=0						; *************** 0 in test mode **************** set to 1 if you want comskip to tidy up after finishing
shrink_logo=5							; Sometimes the logo continues too long and only disappears during the start of the commercial. This can be solved by shrinking the duration of the logo by using
delete_show_after_last_commercial=0		; set to 1 if you want to delete the last block if its a show and after a commercial
delete_show_before_or_after_current=0	; set to 1 if you want to delete the previous and the next show in the recording, this can lead to the deletion of trailers of next show
delete_block_after_commercial=0			;set to max size of block in seconds to be discarded, set to 0 to disable 
remove_before=0							; amount of seconds of show to be removed before ALL commercials
remove_after=0							; amount of seconds of show to be removed after ALL commercials
after_logo=0							; set to number of seconds after logo disappears comskip should start to search for silence to insert an additional cutpoint
delete_show_after_last_commercial=1		; Some recordings will contain after the final commercial the beginning of the next show. 
skip_b_frames=0							; Set to 1 to force Comskip to skip frames for higher processing speed.
max_repair_size=200						; Will repair maximum 200 missing MPEG frames in the timeline, set to 0 to disable repairing for players that don't use PTS. 
disable_heuristics=4					; bit pattern for disabling heuristics, adding 1 disables heristics 1, adding 2 disables heristics 2, adding 4 disables heristics 3, 255  disables all heuristics 
output_framearray=1						; *************** 1 in test mode **************** create a big excel file for detailed analysis, set to 0 to disable
output_debugwindow=1					; *************** 1 in test mode ****************
output_data=0							; create a dump of the user data channel, used for CC and XDS (such as V-Chip info). Can be use together with output_framearray to remote debug CC decoding
output_videoredo=0						; The old videoredo format
output_videoredo3=0						; The new videoredo v3 format.
output_mls=0							; set to 1 if you want MPeg Video Wizard bookmark file output
output_dvrmstb=0						; Set to 1 if you're running DVRMS-Toolbox
output_btv=0							; set to 1 if you want Beyond TV chapter cutlist output
output_projectx=0						; set to 1 if you want ProjectX cutlist output (Xcl)
output_vdr=0							; set to 1 if you want XBMC to skipping commercials
output_demux=0							; set to 1 if you want comskip to demux the mpeg file while scanning
live_tv=0								; set to 1 if you use parallelprocessing and need the output while recording
live_tv_retries=4						; change to 16 when using live_tv in BTV, used for mpeg PS and TS
dvrms_live_tv_retries=300				; only used for dvr_ms
standoff=0								; change to 8000000 when using live_tv in BTV
cuttermaran_options="cut=\"true\" unattended=\"true\" muxResult=\"false\" snapToCutPoints=\"true\" closeApp=\"true\""
mpeg2schnitt_options="mpeg2schnitt.exe /S /E /R25  /Z %2 %1"
avisynth_options="LoadPlugin(\"MPEG2Dec3.dll\") \nMPEG2Source(\"%s\")\n"
dvrcut_options="dvrcut \"\" \"\" "
windowtitle="Comskip - %s"
If there are other files I can provide please advise.

v81_072 Mike & Molly log file:

v81_072 Grimm log file:

v81_072 TMZ log file:

v81_071 Mike & Molly log file:

v81_071 Grimm log file:

v81_071 TMZ log file:

thank you

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Re: Strange audio problem with v81_072 causing detection fai

Post by erik »

You file URL's don't work for me (blank page)
Can you zip and mail the log files?

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