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Post by marvin-miller »

Hi Eric;

I'm recording in H.264 format in a WTV container. This is because I use a Hauppauge Colossus capture card in Windows Media Center 7.

Comskip works perfectly for scanning/detecting commericals - thank you! but what I can't seem to do is cut commercials out of the file.

I use DVRMSToolbox for manipulating files but the author says he doesn't know how to cut commercials out of a .wtv file so it appears I'm out of luck with my favorite app.

I noticed that you have a utility called ComClean for cutting out commercials. Does it work with H.264 files in a .wtv container and, if not, would it be hard to make it do so?
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Re: ComClean?

Post by erik »

Comslean uses a very simple mpeg2 cutter so no luck for h.264

Did you try if mencoder is working with .wtv?
You may have to change to another container output format but its worth a try.
See my recent post on how to use edl for an example.
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