Suggestion for logo detection options...

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Suggestion for logo detection options...

Post by ianken »

Loving this tool.

Problem: In my case the opening credits are axed due to a lack of a persistent logo. If I remove the logo punish, I get the credits but then the delete first show before commercial fails and I get the previous program that's in there due to padding, or other badness happens. The logo is a really good guide most of the time.

Suggestion 1 : multiple logo tracking. I think being able to trigger on the rating logo that always appears at the beginning of a show in the US (like "TV-G") would be pretty reliable. It's always (AFAICT) a black box in the upper left portion of the 4x3 safe area, even on 16:9 content.

Suggestion 2: minimum logo presence time and position within a chunk to indicate a show chunk. IE: if a logo is there for only a second or so, but it is in the middle of a chunk that would otherwise be tagged as a commercial, tag it as a show chunk instead.

The tool is doing a fantastic job finding the chunks. I just cannot tune it to grab these odd bits like opening credits.

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Re: Suggestion for logo detection options...

Post by erik »

You can try
to learn multiple logo's
and then set shrink_logo to some very high value so logo disappears from anything but a real show part

The rating logo's are very broadcaster specific and still need to look into learning them automatically
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