output_vdr slightly invalid format

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output_vdr slightly invalid format

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I noticed small problem in output_vdr format.. Probably not many are using this.

from VDR wiki http://www.vdr-wiki.de/wiki/index.php/Vdr(5)#MARKS

The file marks (if present in a recording directory) contains the editing marks defined for this recording. Each line contains the definition of one mark in the following format:
hh:mm:ss.ff comment

where hh:mm:ss.ff is a frame position within the recording, given as "hours, minutes, seconds and (optional) frame number". comment can be any string and may be used to describe this mark. If present, comment must be separated from the frame position by at least one blank.

The lines in this file need not necessarily appear in the correct temporal sequence, they will be automatically sorted by time index.
If a frame position doesn't point to an I-frame of the corresponding recording, it will be shifted towards the next I-frame (either up or down, whichever is closer).
Comskip outputs data where the ".ff" part is just fractional seconds, between 00-99.. It should be 00-24 for 25fps, or 00-49 for 50fps etc.

VDR doesn't seem to mind too big values, it probably just ignores the decimal part if it is too large. But of course the cut point is not exact then.

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Re: output_vdr slightly invalid format

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Should be solved in next release
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