Comskip Monitor: Automated Comskip Running

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Comskip Monitor: Automated Comskip Running

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Here is an application that I wrote that might be helpful to some users. I am a SageTV user, but the Comskip Monitor program should be useful for anyone with video directories.

Comskip Monitor is an application that runs as a Windows Service that monitors file directories and automatically runs the Comskip program on mpg/mpeg video files.

The author attempted using other directory monitoring utilities to automate running ComSkip, but found them to be unreliable.

1) Ease of installation.
Comskip Monitor comes prepackaged with the latest version of ComSkip. Installation consists of 3 easy steps. A) Unzip B) Edit file to specify your video directories. C) Run the install.bat program.

2) Reliability
ComskipMonitor has been designed specifically with ComSkip in mind. It is very reliable and does not hang when using ComSkip.

3) Self maintaining.
Comskip Monitor will cleanup after itself.

Comskip Monitor was designed to be simple. Therefore it has limited configuration options.
1) Time exclusions: The file can be modified so that you can exclude certain times of the day when Comskip Monitor will not run ComSkip.
2) Polling time: Comskip will check your video directories for new files every 10 minutes by default. This value can be changed in the file.

*Comskip Monitor is a Java program and requires JRE 1.4.x or higher. Since SageTV requires Java, this should not be an issue for most users.
*Comskip Monitor is open source. The source code is packaged inside of the \data\csm.jar file.

Please see the README-FIRST.txt file for more information. ... ile&id=138

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