An idea for comskip in US

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An idea for comskip in US

Post by hbien »

First, great job! I've been trying to do similar things with signal processing in my lab, and it's funny how in the end it's all very similar: fine-tuning with regards to maximum/minimum durations, etc. When tuned, comskip works beautifully. Anyway, on to my idea.

In the US, I've noticed that all programs now have the TV rating block in the upper left, e.g. TVG, TVMA, etc. This block is high contrast (black and white), has only few variations (always big letters TV, rating underneath, followed by specifics as to why the content garnered a particular rating).

For just about all programs now, I've noticed this block is always present at the start of the program, even if the logo has not yet been shown. While this would not work at detecting end segments, I think it would make for a very strong program start segment, especially as the format (and location) is rather rigidly enforced.

On the other hand, after reading a bit more about this on a Wikipedia article, it appears that the timing is not mandated to be between every commercial break (although quite a few cable channels I've noticed do it anyway). More information can be found at:

(for a list of the ratings and they look like):

(a news release indicating that the major US cable companies are now inserting these ratings at the end of every commercial break): ... tentId=369
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Post by lstepnio »

i'm bumping this up as it really seems look a accurate indicator.
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Post by erik »

I know, but there is not enough time to do it.
First want to implement real-time scanning on dvr-ms
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Post by drbenjamin »

I'd like to add my support for this idea. I've been working on tuning for a few shows where the logo doesn't show up for 20-30 seconds, and sometimes Comskip cuts off that first block. There is an official list of these symbols, so bitmaps could even be distributed with Comskip.

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Post by erik »

Yes, the list is there but many broadcasters have slightly different version.
I think MythTV has implemented this so it seems possible.
If only there was more time available but it is still a hobby (I received 12 donation during the last 2 years)
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Re: An idea for comskip in US

Post by rocket666 »

I vote for this technique! :idea: :idea:

AFter reading this thread, I began using the tv rating block as one of my "manual" verification steps after I send the comskip commercial breaks into video redo. I make my final checks and adjustments in video redo. I also position the comskip gui graphs on top of the video redo timeline. I have a script that moves and resizes all the windows so I can see quickly if the 2 programs agree on ad detection. The logo graph is really helpful here. I can then choose which set of cuts to use or sort of merge them together.

I next setup video redo in preview mode and with a single keystroke macro, I skip to the next commercial end point plus 2 seconds. I then look for (by eye) the tv rating. If it's not there, I use the arrow keys to skip 1 second forward and back looking for the rating block (but the 2 seconds usually is just about right).

This way, I can hit one key multiple times in succession and if after each keystroke I see a tv rating box, I know all my cuts have the correct end to the commercial breaks. I've got this down to where I can just repeat tap the key and I should see only tv rating boxes at each stop. If the detection is correct, this can be done quite fast (a second or two can verify about 10 tv rating blocks). The eye is quite a good pattern match tool.

For the commercial beginnings, I skip to 2 seconds before a commercial break and play those 2 seconds, which is often a gradual fade to black over a second or so. Here, I can use the tab key in video redo. As soon as I see a fade begin, I just hit the tab key again, I don't need to play the entire 2 seconds. So, again, I can do this verification very quickly.

If all the cuts have this fade to black from show content which the eye can see easily, I know I have all the beginnings of commercial blocks detected correctly.

In all, I can do this 2 part manual verification in about 10-20 seconds time for a typical 2 hour movie. Of course if something shows up wrong, well, then it can take some time to figure it out. Zooming in is helpful here.

Bottom line is it would be really cool if this could be done automatically. Then I would be much closer to a completely automated accurate commercial removal process.
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An idea for comskip in US

Post by Myloacuunny »

thats a cool idea..will make it easier for some to not have to search thru all games they have to find out what they are missing..but with the guides everyone will have em.. but still good thinking..
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