comskipGUI.exe is it possible to update screen

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comskipGUI.exe is it possible to update screen

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Would it be possible to have a setting that causes the GUI display to be automatically redrawn when it is brought to the front after another window has been overlapping it? I can cause it to be redrawn manually by clicking in the upper area of the screen, where one moves the current frame position, but this is often inconvenient.

I have been using comskip to verify and merge cuts that are detected in the videoredo ad scan. I do this by overlapping the gui window precisely with the videoredo timeline gui screen. This lets me see in a glance if one or the other of the two programs has missed something. The gui display of the logo detection is especially useful for this. However, I have to keep manually refreshing the screen by clicking in the upper area which also tends to cause a move to another frame.


(got the lastest version, and it works perfectly now - thanks)

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