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Comskip 0.80.039 not working for my h.264 MPEG4 video

Posted: Thu Jan 20, 2011 10:22 pm
by JohanDW
I have first raised the question in an existing thread, but realize it is better to start from scratch...

I am using the latest donator version comskip 0.80.039 on Windows Vista 32 bit. It is working OK with mpeg2 content, but it does not work in my case for h.264 mpeg4 avc HD recordings (coming from TV Vlaanderen). I have not changed the default ini file and have installed the latest version in a clean folder.

When I run comskipgui, the video window never pops up (with mpeg2 it does) and the tool ends with the following info:

MPEG2 sound at 48 khz
Audio PTS jumped 2 frames at frame 1, repairing timeline
Audio PTS jumped 1 frames at frame 59859, repairing timeline

Parsed 0 video frames and 74834 audio frames of 25.00 fps

Maximum Volume found is 8980

0 frames decoded in 0.00 seconds (0.00 fps)

The video file is OK when I play it... This happens on all my h.264 files.

Do I need to use any special arguments for h.264? Thanks