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Some reasons for Comskip to crash or not complete

Posted: Tue Feb 14, 2012 6:05 pm
by erik
1: Clue: Lots of Panic messages in the log file. Cause: The recording changes resolution and thread_count > 1. Solution: Set thread_count=1 in the comskip.ini file.
2: Clue: The log file say's buffer allocation failed. Cause: Comskip needs a lot of real memory. Solution: Ensure you do have sufficient memory
3: Clue: Comskip starts while recording, completes quickly but did not find anything. Cause: Comskip failed to wait for the recording to finish. For .wtv and .ts files this should work but it may fail for unknown reason. Solution: Wait till the recording is completed. For MCE with the filewatcher set the wait time at 10 minutes after the last write to the recording.
4: Clue: You are using Avast. Make sure Avast does not suspects Comskip as it will put Comskip inside a sandbox causing insufficient memory.
5: Clue: For certain channels no commercials are ever detected. Cause: Check if the recordings are copy protected. Comskip is not able to process copy protected files. Solution: Find a way to record without copy protection.