dvrmsToolbox Double-Processing

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dvrmsToolbox Double-Processing

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I know this may be a dTB thing, but the forums are not very active there lately. Hopefully someone here can help me.

I'm a donator and recently moved the current version of comskip that allows live TV scanning. I think I have everything configured correctly, but finding that my profile is being called twice, once after 5-10 minutes, then again after the show ends. Live scanning is definitely happening, but now dvrmsToolbox is processing the file twice.

I changed the 'wait time' setting to 0; it was my understanding that this enabled the live detection. Is that incorrect?


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Re: dvrmsToolbox Double-Processing

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I did not have that specific issue with DTb file watcher, but I had a few other squirrely things going on with it. Andy can be totally excused for not paying too mush attention to his free app, as he's been busting his butt supporting it for about 8 years already, so it's not a knock at him at all.
See this thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=1223
A few of us have started using DirMon2 for file watching with some very very good results!

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