output_debugwindow=1 on a Mac

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output_debugwindow=1 on a Mac

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I used comskip a number of years ago when ETVComskip was still being developed. Back then ETVComskip was not using wine and the developer had not ported the output debug window capability across.

I have just reinstalled ETVComskip to find that it now uses wine to run Eriks original windows comskip executables. I tried adding in the output_debugwindow=1 to the ini file but after loading a blank window in X11 I get the windows style "The program comskip.exe encountered a serious problem and needs to close..." error message and the MarkCommercials script that ETVComskip uses to run comskip.exe ends.

Has anyone successfully used the debug window on mac (via wine)? Any ideas on why this would crash? My thoughts would be that comskip.exe relies on some component to be installed that is not since I am just running it through wine.



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