Comskip cuts are off by a a couple frames

Here you can ask your questions on how to use Comskip for the detection of commercials. Also questions on how to remove commercials are welcome
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Comskip cuts are off by a a couple frames

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I am very new to this software (and using the lastest version) and am working with tuning it to the various television networks. I've learned some are pretty easy while other are quite a challenge.

That being said, I do have a question.

There are situations where I may have 1 or 2 black frames between the commercial and show (for the US people - I'm talking about "Amazing Race" on CBS).

When going into commercial CBS has a long black out, however when going back to the show, it varies (and it times there is 1 or 2 black frames).

When this happens, comskip seems to be catching the 1 or 2 black frames, but when it makes its "mark", it is marking the last few frams of the commercial as part of the show.

This is minor, but I was curious if there was a way to correct that.

Thank you.
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