Commercials not detected on National Geographic

Here you can ask your questions on how to use Comskip for the detection of commercials. Also questions on how to remove commercials are welcome
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Commercials not detected on National Geographic

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Hi all,

New user, not very familiar with comskip but I'm using it on my mediacenter which detects most of the commercials fine.
We barely watch live tv but record most of it because mainly being able to watch when convenient and a little because we can skip commercials automatically that way.

On National Geographic, this process doesn't seem to work and searching the forum didn't bring up much.
Is there a way to get comskip working for National Geographic?


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Re: Commercials not detected on National Geographic

Post by erik »

NG is difficult for Comskip
Depending the exact NG broadcast some tuning is possible but this will be very NG specific so you must have a setup with separate comskip.ini for NG.
If you are willing to do this and don't know how to better tune for NG do follow the "how to ask for help" post

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