Black frames because of large scene change?

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Black frames because of large scene change?

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I'm using donator Comskip 0.81.077.

One of the videos I'm trying to remove adverts from has some white frames and it would seem that these are being treated as "black" frames because the code is treating the shift from a relatively dark scene to full white as a large scene change:

Frame 173560 - Black frame because large scene change of 2, uniform 0
Frame 173576 - Black frame because large scene change of 11, uniform 0

There isn't really much of an explanation as to what a scene change is. Turning off scene change detection does stop the white sections of video being treated as black frames. However, it then introduces a short bit of the "outro" where the programme title is displayed ahead of the sponsorship video/adverts and then the reverse before the programme starts again.

I guess that scene change is the detection of those sorts of events which is why they are now appearing in the video.

Are there any settings I can change that would allow scene change detection to work on "real" scene changes but ignore the white bits? I'm guessing not but I thought I'd ask.


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