Unwanted directory is recreated every time I launch MCE

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Unwanted directory is recreated every time I launch MCE

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I am running comskip82_002_Donators.

I had MCE Buddy running and needed to change the directory structure I use.

I can delete the old directory but when I start the new copy of MCE Buddy, it recreates the old directory.

I have uninstalled and reinstalled the program and it still recreates the old unwanted directory and locks it so that it can not be deleted until I exit MCE Buddy. It found my old monitor and conversion tasks in the new copy. Where they came from I don't know but neither of them reference the directory that is being recreated.

I can delete the monitor task but I cannot delete the conversion task...it says that "At least one Conversion Task must be enabled."

How do I convince it I do not want to use the old directory structure and start all over fresh.

Thanks, CraigM
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