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Edl output command line switch with edl_skipfield code

Posted: Sun Jan 14, 2018 4:16 pm
by Jagad
Hi erik!

I wanna use Command Line switches as far as possible because they have precendece over the corresponding ini setting.
I can output --videoredo3 via commandline despite the ini is set to output --videoredo project files. However I havent managed to make Comskip output --edl with the correct edl_skipfield code with command line yet. Im getting errors (error report and the switch list shows up) when trying. When will it be possible to output "--edl[x]"?

where x could be:
0 - Cut (Default)
1 - Mute
2 - Scene Marker (if start and end times are specified, the end time is used)
3 - Commercial Break (playback skipping)