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Struggling with News Commercials

Posted: Wed Dec 16, 2020 11:06 pm
by zaldwaik
Hi Eric
I have been a user of comskip for many years, and it worked pretty well for a long time. In recent times, I am having trouble tuning it to detect commercials to daily news recording (abc and nbc). I tried different settings and detection methods, but no luck.

I already emailed you files per your instructions. I am using a version that still works with Windows 7, as most recent gives me errors. The results are usually consistent:
ABC- Either misses small show segments, or makes them part of a commercial. It has trouble with long commercial breaks (no black frames) and does not detect them.
NBC- Tends to miss log commercial breaks (no black frames), and last segment in news usually mischaracterized as a commercial.

I really appreciate your help. If needed, I have the news video files incase you want me to upload them.