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Comskip as (simple) Synology Docker Image

Posted: Fri Mar 26, 2021 2:03 pm
by Mans
Greatday to all of you,

Hoping you're doing fine,

Could someone give me a hint to install Comskip onto a Synology NAS as Docker ?

As i'm using the NAS to record all TV-shows, it would make sense to have Comskip processing the folder directly.
At this stage i'm running Comskip succesfully onto a Windows PC.

As i'm new to Docker for Synology i've noticed their are images build for the Synology GUI, meaning without the need for root/command line interactions.

I'm also not sure how to transfer my existing Comskip config towards Docker ?
This by using a Docker Image without the need of the deepsea diving into Linux :-)

Any help is truly appreciated,

Best regards,