Comskip cuts out too much of the show, what should I do?

Here you can ask your questions on how to use Comskip for the detection of commercials. Also questions on how to remove commercials are welcome
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Comskip cuts out too much of the show, what should I do?

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It is almost impossible to have a default ini file that satisfies all conditions.
Therefore this very small guide to help you tune Comskip in a couple of seconds (of your time)

When Comskip is cutting too much, start with setting in the comskip.ini file
This is the simplest method, it should work for most USA broadcasts styles and for many other countries

When Comskip is now cutting too little you can set

Or even stronger cutting with

If this still not cuts out all the commercials you can try
or even
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Re: Comskip cuts out too much of the show, what should I do?

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I've modified ETVComskip to add Comskip information to EyeTV exports for iPad/iPhone/Apple TV files. ETVComskip works great for EyeTV's original recordings, but the Comskip information isn't included with exports to iPad/iPhone/Apple TV files created by EyeTV or Turbo.264. Result: iTunes exports and wifi streams have ads. This modification addresses this issue by adding Comskip .edl information as chapters within the H.264 .m4v files exported by EyeTV and Turbo.264, providing a mobile Comskip solution: when the ads appear, skip to the next chapter. This is a lot easier and faster than using the (barely functional) time swiping capability to guess where the show starts. It also avoids the problem of false detections by not deleting any program material.
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