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ComClean with HD PVR on Snapstream

Posted: Mon Jan 26, 2009 11:09 pm
by Jimchris
Hello fellow travelers,

I can't find an editor that deletes commercials using Comskip output.

Has anyone a working script for comcleaning of HD files in TP format from ByondTV?

Comskip (0.80.008) accepts the TP files and locates the commercials , it is solid though it reports errors in the TP files

Comskip runs to competition though and produces the cut point file(s).

The issue is the cut/join/delete function to remove the commercial content.

Have tried MPGTX, Videoredo and others; none will open the TP files created by the Hauppauge box (1212 PVR).

All the other required pieces work well except the actual commercial removal.

Show recording on BTV/XP just works.

Playback of the TP files with the WesternDigital TV ( aka 1212 PVR ) device just works.

Comskip is a Great work, a joy to use!

Thank you

Jim Christophersen
New York
January 26,2009