Mac guy lost in Windows 7...Please help

Here you can ask your questions on how to use Comskip for the detection of commercials. Also questions on how to remove commercials are welcome
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Mac guy lost in Windows 7...Please help

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I ask for your understanding and patience.

First, I'm sorry. I want to use Comskip but I've always used it as part of KMTTG...I don't know how to use it on its own.

It ran and created a bunch of files--but I don't know how to get a cut mp4. I downloaded ffmpeg but when I drag things to ff-prompt, it tells me it can't find bin/ffmpeg (it's right there!).

Can someone take a minute and spell this out for me, a self-admitted idiot?

Thank you!

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Re: Mac guy lost in Windows 7...Please help

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First if you use comskip to find commercials and you want to use that information during playback to skip the commercials you can eliminate cutting the mp4 by using a player that can read the output from comskip and skip accordingly.
Eyetv is what you should go for.

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