way to tell outcome in script?

Here you can ask your questions on how to use Comskip for the detection of commercials. Also questions on how to remove commercials are welcome
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way to tell outcome in script?

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I've noticed, and maybe the nature of the algorithms, but I find frequently comskip will find nothing or very little to remove from a show. Now it's the wrong answer, but trying to figure out how to detect these situations. In DOS, is there a way to pull out the amount of commercials or length of commercials extracted when it creates it's commercial list to determine if it should try again or not? I find if I see an hour show still shows an hour, if I manually run comskip on it again it has a different outcome so thinking to automate that.



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Re: way to tell outcome in script?

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Better ensure comskip does not run during recording as that is most probably the reason why it fails first time

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