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The Gradual page.

According to the immediately pre-Vatican II version of the Graduale Romanum : For the mass, the proper chants for the 18th Sunday after Pentecost. Original Alleluia text for the 22nd Sunday after Pentecost.

According to the 14th century documents referenced in the La Trobe University medieval music database:
Perugia, Biblioteca Comunale 'Augusta', Ms 2789 : For the mass, the proper chants for the 19th Sunday after Pentecost (LT).
Except for the Alleluia part : (original text 19th, new text 16th) Sunday after Pentecost.

Original folio number :CCCL, 350 in Roman numerals, lined through in brown ink

New folio number :CXXVI, 126 in Roman numerals

Introitus : [Letatus sum in his que dicta sunt mihi, in domum do assumed to be on previous foil ] mini ibimus(Ps. 121.1 Vulgate) (VU) (GR) (LU)

Gloria : Gloria

Graduale (reference to) :Responsorium Graduale Letatus sum Reference to folio CLXV , 165 in Roman nummerals, number changed, probably when renumbered (LU)

Alleluia : original text : Alleluia. Qui timent Dominum, sperent in eum: adjutor et protector eorum rum.  (GR) (LU) [CANTUS #507044]

Alleluia : revised text:Alleluia. ymnus or hymn Timebunt gentes nomen tuum, Domine: et omnes reges terrae gloriam tuam. (Ps. 101.16 Vulgate) (VU)  (GR) (LU) [CANTUS #507043]

Offr Offertory : Sanctificavit Moyses altare Domino, offerens su...  (GR) (LU)

The Antiphonal page.

Common of one Confessor. Matins. (CA)
State Library of Victoria, Ms *096.1 R66A: (LT)
Perugia , Biblioteca Comunale 'Augusta', Ms 2800 :( LT)

Nocturn 1: Antiphon 1: Beatus vir qui in lege domini meditatur voluntas eius permanet die ac nocte et omnia que cumque faciet semper pro sperabuntur. (LT) (cao1674)

ps Psalm : Beatus vir. (Psalm 1) (VU)

Nocturn 1: a Antiphon 2 : Beatus iste sanctus qui confisus est in Domino, prędicavit pręceptum Domini, constitutus est in monte sancto eius (according to the Salisbury rite of Mattins for a Confessor Pontiff) (LT) (cao 1635)

ps Psalm : Quare fre(Psalm 2?) (VU)

Nocturn 1: a Antiphon 3 : Tu es gloria mea tu es susceptor meus domine tu exaltans caput meum et exaudisti me de monte sancto tuo (LT) (cao 5205)

p Psalm : Dne qd (Domine quid, Psalm 143.3?) (VU)

Nocturn 1: Responsory 1: Euge serve bone et fidelis quia in pauca fuisti fidelis su pra multa te constituam. Intra in gaudium domini tui. (Matthew) (VU) (cao 6677)

Text as specified in the Liber Responsalis attributed to Gregory (full texts in volume 78, page 826 of the Patrologia Latina).

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