Build 119: Enhanced preview and cut editor

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Build 119: Enhanced preview and cut editor

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Build 119 has some relevant improvements in the area of previewing and editing. Also improved audio detection on HD recordings

Changes in 0.79.119
- Bug solved: Preview failed on certain TS files.
- During preview the 's' and 'f' keys will jump to Start and Finish of the recording
Changes in 0.79.118
- Bug solved: Previewing TS files failed once viewing near the end of the recording
- Added ini parameter: edge_step=1 Set to 2 when you need extra speed on scanning for logo's on HD files. Will make logo detection slightly worse
Changes in 0.79.117
- Bug solved: On certain MPEG PS recordings no audio was detected leading to much worse detection quality
Changes in 0.79.116
- Fixed a bug that could cause the preview to freeze when reviewing .txt or .csv files
- Improved the demux to better find the audio stream on HD TS recordings, not having audio will make detection quality much worse.

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